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our history

We are proud to offer franchise opportunities for Al Rayyes, allowing us to spread our authentic flavors to even more locations around the world. Today, we have expanded across borders and established ourselves in several countries, including Sweden, Germany, Norway and Jordan.


Our journey began over 60 years ago in the beautiful city of Nablus in Palestine - the city where knafe first took shape. Over time, our passion for making delicious sweets and oriental pastries has spread and won hearts all over the world. Since 2015, we have had the privilege of being present in Malmö, Sweden. 

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Become part of us

By offering franchise opportunities, we aim to share our experience, know-how and authentic recipes with entrepreneurs and passionate food lovers around the world. By becoming part of the Al Rayyes family, you gain access to our solid knowledge and support to start and run a successful business.


We welcome you to become part of our success story and spread the joy of Al Rayye sweets to your own city or region. With our strong brand, our proven business model and our commitment to the highest quality, you can be sure that you will be part of something special.


Contact us today to explore the opportunity to become an Al Rayyes franchisee and become part of our family that spans generations and borders. Together we can continue to offer authentic Middle Eastern flavors to the world.

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