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Every bite is a taste experience that is made with care

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About us

Welcome to Al Rayyes - your destination for authentic Middle Eastern pastries with roots in Palestine. We offer outstanding flavors and generations of family traditions. As a leading supplier in Sweden, Norway and Germany, we combine traditional recipes with a modern twist. Our pastries, including knafe, baklava and oriental treats, are made with care. Visit our website to order frozen goods and experience Middle Eastern culture and cuisine. Welcome to Al Rayyes - where flavors from the Middle East meet passion for pastries.

Catering & Events

Your choice for memorable catering and events

Al Rayyes is your reliable choice when it comes to catering and events. We offer pastries inspired by the Middle East to create memorable and tasty experiences. Our catering team tailor menus to suit your specific needs, whether it's a corporate dinner, wedding or private function. With a focus on quality and service, we take care of everything from planning to serving. Contact us today to book your catering or discuss your upcoming event. Let us be your partner and experience authentic flavors from the Middle East that will make your event memorable.

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The secret behind Middle Eastern pastries is the perfect balance of sweetness and spice that creates an explosion of flavors in every bite


Contact Us

Phone079-012 41 23

Address: Norbergsgatan 24, 214 50 Malmö

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